The UMW Alumni Association is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who work with the Office of Alumni Relations to recommend plans and direction for the Alumni Association.  Directors are elected by the general membership of the Association.  Officers of the Association include the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Vice President for Alumni Awards, Vice President for Alumni Giving, Vice President for Finance, Vice President for Regional Networks, and Vice President for Reunion Weekend. Directors serve a two-year term and are eligible to stand for re-election to an additional consecutive two-year term as a Director.  One full-time faculty member is appointed by the President of the Association to a two-year term, coinciding with the Executive Committee’s term in office.  There are three meetings of the Alumni Association Board of Directors annually. The current Board members are listed below.

Executive Committee

Angela Mills '01

Donna Sheehan Gladis '68 

Mike Charnoff '95
Immediate Past

Jenifer Blair '82
Vice President
Alumni Awards

Carla James '06
Vice President  
Finance and Alumni Giving

Vicki Ravenel '77
Vice President
Reunion Weekend

Sean O'Brien '09
Vice President  
Regional Networks


Chrissy Bowdren '11


Kevin Diana '06

Susan DiMaina '70

Mary Downing '59

Wes Hillyard '05 

Anne Crowe Kroger '88

Sean Lynch '95

Gayle Weinberger Petro '79 



Charmayne Staloff '05


Sean Simons '13


Diane Smith '74


Jeremy Thompson '13

Leslie F. Tilghman '74


Suzanne McCarthy Van Ness '69

Marshall Vogt '07

Faculty Representative and University Staff

Holly Schiffrin '94
Associate Professor,
Psychological Science

Ken Steen
Associate Vice President
University Advancement and
Alumni Relations

Mark Thaden '02
Executive Director
Alumni Relations 

Directors Emeritae

Gwendolyn Amory Cumming '52
Nanalou West Sauder '56
Rita Morgan Stone '52
Sylvia Woodcock '61