Introducing the new 1908 Letters initiative 

As technology has advanced and the Office of Alumni Relations and the University as a whole have moved into digital methods of communication, 1908 Society members (alumni who have celebrated their 50th reunion or better) are often left out of the Mary Washington narrative. A means to include older alumni and connect them to campus and current students is vital to ensuring that the rich history of the Mary Washington student experience is not lost. Our newest communications initiative, 1908 Letters, would serve as a way to include our older alumni while connecting them to current students to share their stories.

In the first iteration of this program, 15 members of the 1908 Society have been connected with a current student to correspond with throughout the 2016-17 academic year. Students have been provided with a suggested correspondence schedule as well as suggested topics and questions to ask their 1908 Society member. Topics and questions provided have been tailored to elicit responses from alumni that would provide a picture of life on campus as it existed years ago; in turn, students plan on sharing their campus experiences to illustrate to alumni what campus life is like today. Students are asked to hand-write all correspondence.

Prior to sending notes, student participants have been asked to provide a digital image of the letter to the Office of Alumni Relations. Once a response is received, students are again asked to provide a digital image of the letter to the Office of Alumni Relations. Excerpts of the digital imagery of the letters will be posted here and in social media along with the hashtag #UMW1908Letters to share with the greater Mary Washington community. These digitized versions of letters would serve as a way to preserve that vital link between the older alumni population and the current students on campus. 

Please use the menu at left to navigate through letter excerpt archives throughout the year to follow the progress of our students and alumni as they correspond about their Mary Washington experiences!