Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAAs) are a group of students selected to foster connections between alumni and students by interacting with alumni and by encouraging students to consider their role as future alumni. Through service and leadership, this organization strives to foster relationships that benefit all parties involved and promote the character and ethics of the University of Mary Washington.

Our Goals:

- Serve as a proponent and ambassador of the University of Mary Washington, actively representing and promoting the University to other students as well as alumni.

- Develop an efficient system of student-run leadership that benefits both the students and the organization.

- Provide opportunities for members to develop leadership, networking, and resourcing skills that will prove useful to their future.

- Assist the Office of Alumni Relations and the University at events.

- Increase awareness of the Office of Alumni Relations, and engage students by educating them on the benefits of being a Mary Washington Alumni.

Applications open December 1st, 2016 and close February 3rd, 2017.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR BECOMING AN AMBASSADOR PAGE TO APPLY.